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War and Peace Exhibition

The Museum currently has an exhibition entitled 'War and Peace - a Personal View'.

Find out what it was and is like to be a soldier over a two hundred and fifty year period in times of war and peace from the American War of Independence through to the war in Afghanistan today. On display are archives, artefacts, display boards and a film slide show of images. We have included a Wiltshire Home Guard and a Rifles combat uniform, relics from battle fields and other artefacts related to war and peace. The exhibition is dedicated to the sacrifices made by soldiers from Berkshire and Wiltshire whose records the museum holds. They are the 49th, 66th, 62nd, 99th Regiments of Foot, The Royal Berkshire Regiment, The Wiltshire Regiment, The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry and soldiers from Berkshire and Wiltshire now serving with The Rifles.

Most recently, the museum was given equipment and a uniform as used by soldiers serving in Afghanistan today from the 4th Battalion, the Rifles, who are based at Bulford.  The museum also has on display Afghan captured equipment as used by the Taliban.

Under the theme of 'War' is; the American War of Independence, Wars in the Peninsula, Crimea and China, battles of Ferozeshah, Maiwand and Tofrek, the Boer War, First and Second World Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. 'Peace' keeping duties include: Conscription, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Cyprus, guarding Hess and Napoleon, ceremonial duties such as guarding Buckingham Palace, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The information on the display boards have the following titles;- Art, Literature and Photography; Sports, Shows and Pastimes; Pets, Mascots and Souvenirs; Disease, Injury and Treatment and we have used personal accounts from original documents.

The exhibition runs until 30th November 2009, details of opening times can be found under the 'Visitor Information' section of this website.