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During Aug 1763, West Indies, Guatemala, Mosquito Coast. Lieutenant Brereton ordered to go and help with removing stores from both the Mosquito Coast and Honduras
During Mar 1764, West Indies, Jamaica. Governor was informed that the 49th are to be prepared to sail for Ireland. They would be replaced by the 66th
On 27 Mar 1764, West Indies, Jamaica. The 49th ordered by the Governor to assist the customs to stop smuggling
During Apr 1764, Ireland, Cork. Regiment embarked for Jamaica to cope with feared uprising of the Negroes
On 18 July 1764, West Indies, Jamaica, Port Royal. The whole Regiment embarked on HMS Cornwall and sailed for Ireland. The Regiment arrived at Cork Harbour on 31 August and disembarked the next day
During 1769, Ireland, Cork. The Regiment returned to Ireland and was deployed here, reduced on the peace to 270 Rank and File
During 1769, Ireland, Kinsale. Establishment raised to 400
During 1770, Scotland, Aberdeen. A Light Company was recruited at Aberdeen, which was first mentioned in a monthly statement on 26 March 1771 and probably joined the Regiment during 1772.
During 1771, Ireland. During the year one of the battalion companies converted to a light company
During 1771, Ireland, Dublin. 62nd deployed here until 1772
During 1772, Ireland, Clare Castle. 62nd deployed here until 1773
During Aug 1772, Ireland, Wexford. During August 1772 the Regiment's companies were deployed to: Three companies deployed to Wexford Three companies deployed to Duncannon Fort Two companies deployed to Arklow One company deployed to Brag One company deployed to Castle Dermott
During 1773, West Indies, Jamaica. Regiment ordered home and arrived at Plymouth on 1 April 1773, one company being deployed to Fort George.
During 1773, Ireland, Dublin. 62nd returned and stayed until 1774 when they were transferred to Cork
During 1773, Ireland, Galway. During the year the whole Regiment deployed here
On 1 May 1773, England, Winchester. Nine Companies stationed were here, moving to Romsey on 6 July.
On 1 Aug 1773, England, Lincoln. Regiment was at Lincoln on 1 August, then marched to Berwick in December and on to Edinburgh in January 1774, where it was stationed at the Castle.
During 1774, Ireland, Cork. 62nd transferred here until 1775
During Aug 1774, Ireland, Dublin. The Regiment was in Dublin, where it remained until it marched to Cork
During 1775, Ireland, Galway. 62nd deployed here where the establishment was raised to 580