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The British Soldier of World War Two


This small book provides an insight into what life was like for British soldiers in the different theatres of the Second World War

The experience of the British soldier in the Second World War, in theatres as diverse as Europe, the Western Desert, the Far East, was broad, but has been overshadowed by that of other combatants. Peter Doyle redresses the balance in a wide-ranging analysis of the British soldier's signal contribution to the war effort all over the world between 1939 and 1945. Trace the road to Dunkirk, the development of Fortress Britain, the rearming of the forces that opened the “Second Front” in Europe, and relive what it was like to serve in the Desert and against the Japanese in the Far East.  Colourful photographs of the military equipment, art and ephemera, and quotes from contemporary documents, give just some idea of the British Tommy’s experience in this hard-fought war. Peter Doyle is a scientist and military historian who specialises in the role of terrain in warfare.  He is co-secretary of the All Party Parliamentary War Graves and Battlefield Heritage Group, and is an elected member of the British Commission for Military History.  He is the author of several books, including “The British Soldier of the First World War” and “Prisoner of War in Germany”.